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William (Bill) Balling has extensive professional management experience in Municipal Government. For over 29 years he served as the Village Manager in Buffalo Grove and throughout that period has guided growth in the Village to three times its original size.

Barrington Gets Better Fire Rating After Agency Split

An imminent upgrade of Barrington’s fire insurance rating is being hailed by village officials as validation of their fire department’s realignment after the Jan. 1 split from the Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District. Effective Aug. 1, the Insurance Services Office will upgrade the village’s public protection classification from a 4...

WRB,LLC Selected To Manage DU-COMM Second Facility Project

Public Safety Communications (DU-COMM) Second Facility Project At a special call Board of Directors meeting on December 18, 2013, the DU-COMM Board took an important next step in its second facility project by hiring a project manager. DU-COMM’s second facility plan was developed to provide DU-COMM with the redundancy...

Village of Barrington, Illinois

Willam Balling, WRB,LLC, Managing Director served as principal consultant to resize the municipal fire department due to termination of larger service contract Agreement. WRB,LLC was selected to work with the Barrington Fire Chief and management team to address the service structure for the Barrington Fire Department following the termination...

Inside WRB

WRB, LLC is a regional public management consulting and management services firm providing support to local units of government, regional organizations and special service agencies.  Over the past 7 years, the Firm has been retained by over fifty jurisdictions in Cook, Lake, DuPage, Will and Kane Counties, Illinois to provide various management services and studies, meeting specific needs of its clients.

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The B-Line

December 8, 2014 |

Interim Management Services – For Cities Who Cannot Afford To Take Any Time Off

Management vacancies can be very stressful for even the most progressive unit of local government. The loss of a City Manager or Department Head can be a major setback to performance and policy advancement. WRB,LLC Management Services has designed a team based Interim Management Program which will transform a vacancy from a point of little activity to a unique opportunity for municipal operational growth and progress.   Bill Balling, Managing Director of WRB,LLC Management Services is an accomplished Village Manager and has developed a team based work program of high impact engagement directed at moving a community’s agenda forward, creating organization growth, and operational stability during the short period the City searches for a...

May 28, 2014 |

Is The Energy Crisis Over?

Have fracking and the new recoverable natural gas and crude oil deposits in the United States placed energy conservation investment on the “back burner” of municipal budget priorities and public policy initiatives? WRB,LLC continues to believe that efficient management of energy resources for public  buildings and infrastructure will continue to be environmentally responsible, politically acceptable, and economic, if managed correctly. WRB,LLC has endorsed strategies to enable energy investments to return significant savings using performance contracting. For the past two decades municipalities have faced strong pressure under the predicted scarcity of carbon based energy and environmental concern to make investments in efficient building and power demanding infrastructure. Leeds designed and operated buildings, variable rate pumping,...

April 21, 2014 |

Is “Carrying your own water” always best?

Long distance hikers and mountain climbers maintain a long held tradition of independence and self sufficiency by packing the supplies they need and always “carrying their own water” on their journeys. Public water delivery systems to be most effective and economical require collaboration, joint action initiatives, and equitable cost assignments to meet the expensive capital costs and long term stability and reliability objectives which protects water customers. Implementation of capital intensive water supply and operation of delivery systems are complex issues and successful projects often result from having the proper development team of professionals in place to work with Cities, Villages, and regional water providers in achieving successful outcomes.   While the foundation of...

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